Woodstock, the magic word. I don’t know if I would have the right profile for a “Woodstocker”, not everyone does. Still I admire the messy freedom, the spirit and aesthetics. The place, people, feelings, crazy movements, clothes or lack of them, all the subjects susceptible to criticism (or not) are pieces of art that deserve to be appreciated. After all it is an icon of free will for good or for bad, each person is a free painter of one’s own life.

From the clear to the most subliminal and hiden reasons behind Woodstock, above all, it was an antagonistic manifestation against the galloping horse of Vietnam War. The growth of an anti-war feeling, the feeling of powerlessness and frustration – on these days got molten and shaped into music, dances, drugs, an inner revolution of one’s own self, can we think about some kind of self-destruction? An escape? Freedom? Happiness? (Some of them not even knew what Vietnam War was?)

Maybe the Newton’s Third Law applied to psychology explains it – “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.”


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