An Ode to Perfume

“What do you wear to bed?” Marilyn Monroe responded, “CHANEL N°5″.

I couldn’t help it. When it’s about perfumes it’s hard not to think of her.

Many women feel undressed if they go outside without these drops of magic, maybe a lucky souvenir, an essential? The fashion and style holy water that turns a woman into a temple?

From the cheap ones to the extremely expensive personalized milliliters of perfumes, bad or good perfumes, fruity, floral, woody, oriental, spicy, whatever… one thing is for sure; it inspires confidence and turns heads.

But a perfume is not an unique entity unless you smell it from the bottle. And perfumes were not made to be smelled from the bottle. The real and savage state of a perfume is the result of it’s chemical reaction with the skin, sweat, pheromones maybe. That’s why it’s so unique. You can wear a shirt or a shoe, it’s green, blue, if other woman wears it, it’s the same thing. A perfume over your skin potentiates your natural smell and your natural smell potentiates the perfume. It’s a signature.


via Daily Prompt: Perfume


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